Funding A Project

Mobilizing adequate support for a project goes a long way to place high responsibility on the project coordinator. It is a known fact that it takes a man to conceive a vision but a team to birth it. This means no matter how small your project may seem, you need support at varying levels. Finance is one support you cannot do without. All through the project implementation you need money. How much you need depends on your project type.

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So how can you ensure adequate supply of money amongst other resources?

Firstly you must be able to develop an action plan that readily shows stage by stage financial expectation/ position of your project. Secondly your project plan should be such that shows the intrinsic value and target of the project.
Thirdly carefully make a list of individuals or organization who have their interest along your project line. These are your team members. When you can secure their partnership their support is in evitable. As you gain their support through partnership, be accountable. Make your project serve them especially through free adverts and public acknowledgements. The focus of using all the above mentioned methods is to increase and secure partnership from all quarters which will positively impact on your financial capacity to complete your project.

Another way to raise money for your project is to organize sales. This can be a bit tasking but very rewarding. You are to encourage people (e.g. family and friends) to donate materials or items (household utensils, shoes, bags, books etc.) that they no longer need but of fairly good quality. It could also be recycled products, just make sure it is something that can serve purpose for whoever will buy it. Find an open space (market, eatery, bus station, religious gathering and other public places) where these can be displayed for sales at very affordable price. The sales proceed is strictly for your project implementation.

You can also use strong publicity to create an awareness. This is better done by carrying out social responsibilities using your project as a point of contact. It is especially good for projects which are community based.

Sporting activities is another good way of bringing people together to get them acquainted with your project. This can be done by organizing novelty or inter street football matches, games and other sporting events, note that the outdoor games are better because it tends to attract a larger audience. While seeking for sponsorship for the sporting event you introduce your project. Finally the social Media is a very good platform to reach out on a wider range.


Data/Installation Cables 5, Cables 5e and Cables 6.

The great changes witnessed in technology has given rise to considerable evolution of different kinds of cables. These cables differ in capacity and the purposes they serve. Let’s start by understanding what cables are or what they are made up of. Cables are copper wires used for both electrical and technological purposes. They are good conductors of electricity and excellent transmitter of information at varying sizes.

For the purpose of this study we are looking at transmitting or communication cables. These are very different from electrical cables. The communication or transmitting cables are used for transferring large volume of data and to create an easy to monitor connectivity. These cables are the same all over the world and serve the same purposes too. Although they may be called by different names and could be produced by separate companies.

Cables are usually grouped according to their capacity using numeric symbols. There are cables 4, cables 5, cables 5e and cables 6 etc. Each cable identity shows its capacity, the volume of data it can transfer and its uses. This means that higher capacity cable has a higher number name that is, cables 5 are higher in capacity than cables 4.

We can say that a higher cable is an improvement on the previous in other to enhance its capacity and uses. While cables 4 are lower in capacity and may differ in uses compare to cables 5, cables 5e are an improvement on cables 5. This shows that cable 5 and cables 5e can serve the same purpose, or work interchangeably. On the other hand cables 6 are of superior capacity and used for higher work than any of the cable 5 series. Basically cables 5, cables 5e and cables 6 are used for data transfer, data connectivity, networking and Ethernet connections. Ethernet is connecting computers together to create a local network which can easily be monitored. Since these categories of cable are used majorly for the purpose of creating a local network as described above, they are generally called Ethernet cables. However durability of these cables is a function of the quality of production by different manufacturing companies. Never the less the technicality of the varying capacity and uses must also be clearly understood for best practice and best results.