The Evolution in Construction Work

The construction industry has come a long way. It has witnessed quiet a number evolutions. These evolutions are mostly technological and are initiated by the challenges faced by both the contractors and project owners. These challenges or difficulties inflict loses which either are immediate or in the future comes with serious financial implications.

Perhaps one major challenge that cannot we overlooked is having to renovate a dilapidated building or construction work. Apart from not been economical, it is time wasting and sometimes a tall order to renovate or rejuvenate such construction work. Usually the buildings and other construction work dilapidate because the construction work does not have enough elasticity to withstand tension over a period of usage. Another issue is the fact that materials used in construction work have pressure limits, once the pressure limit is exceeded the construction work begins to dilapidate.

Upon continuous research work a new method of preparing concrete was discovered. The pre-stressed concrete system. This provided an immediate solution to the initial difficulties faced by construction workers. With the innovation of using a pre-stressed concrete most of their challenges were subdued.  The pre-stressed concrete seems to be economical as construction workers do not need to spend money on other forms of support for their work. Owing to the elasticity nature and good capacity to withstand pressure, the pre-stressed concrete became a favorite choice in the construction of sky scrapers.

What is a pre-stressed concrete? A pre-stressed concrete in construction work is a process of helping concretes overcome their pressure limit and tension. This is done by constricting the construction materials by putting internal pressure into them to improve on its ability to withstand external pressure of load. Usually concrete are put into a steel form and tendons, cables and rods are passed through it. It is allowed to solidify into slabs which are easily used for construction work of any kind without needing the use of bars for support.

Although this was a mile stone which solved the technical challenges faces at that that time by construction workers, but other challenges surfaced. One major challenge was that there was need to employ more hands to prepare the pre-stressed concrete. This development increased the overhead cost of construction work. As the money saved from repairing dilapidated construction work was now been used to pay more workers. While the pre-stressed concrete was technically and technologically advantaged, it was economically disadvantaged.

This gave rise to the need for more research work and new innovations. Soon an automated concrete system was made, known as the Hercules Single Strand Stressing System. The Hercules Single Strand Stressing System is a low pressure water engine/mechanism which makes use of jacks to distribute the strands in an easy to control way. It allows safety of workers and is easy to operate. It also works with a chuck which helps to hold the strands firmly in place when the machine is working. The Hercules Single Strand Tensioning System is not an electrical or electronic machine.

Over the years there has been improvement or an upgrade on the model of this machine which was introduced in the 1960s. Today we have Hercules Single Strand Tensioning System in models B and C.

One remarkable thing about the Hercules Single Strand Tensioning System is that, irrespective of the model it easy to operate, guaranty’s safety and it is economical.

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